Yamakoh is Japan's top manufacturer of corrugated plastic boxes Made-to-order packaging solutions from single-product orders / Over 10,000 satisfied customers / Yamakoh has Japan's largest corrugated plastic factory at over 26,400 sqm

Corrugated plastic cases

Corrugated plastic cases

We supply a range of hollow-construction plastic cases. Their light weight and excellent water-resistance means they can stand up to repeated use. Returnable boxes are our mainstay product.

Corrugated plastic sheets

Corrugated plastic sheets

Our hollow-construction, corrugated plastic sheets can be used for curing concrete during construction or printed on for use as signboards and store displays. We sell corrugated plastic sheets in sheet form.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

In addition to corrugated plastic, we also stock corrugated cardboard.

Other plastic products

Other plastic products

We stock a wide range of hollow-construction polypropylene sheets. Yamakoh is Japan's top manufacturer in the field of plastic sheet processing. We also sell an extensive range of packaging materials and related products.

International Customers

Now recruiting suppliers and business partners

Yamakoh is currently seeking international suppliers capable of providing materials, machinery, facilities, and other products and services.

We would like to hear from companies who are able to work collaboratively and have a thorough understanding of the products we handle and the equipment we use, which includes: - Heat treatment equipment, ultrasonic welders, Thompson presses, CAM technology, punch presses, cutters, riveters, and similar machinery for processing hollow polypropylene sheets (corrugated plastic) - Forming equipment for making hollow sheets - Handles, tacks, surface fasteners, frames, tape, and similar components for making returnable boxes.

Looking for a distribution material supplier or production facilities in Japan?

Yamakoh can provide support for international firms seeking to enter the Japanese market.

We invite you to use our expansive factory as a production and processing facility. We have a wide variety of forming equipment for hollow plastic (polypropylene) sheets and can offer support for everything from manufacturing materials for packaging and distribution to procurement and purchasing.
If you have production facilities in Japan and want to procure distribution materials locally or are looking for packaging materials that offer more durability than corrugated cardboard, or if you are a drop shipping retailer looking for a warehouse with processing capabilities, then Yamakoh can help provide your ideal base in Japan.

About Yamakoh

We welcome requests for made-to-order products even in lots as small as a single item

Yamakoh specializes in manufacturing unique, one-of-a-kind items.
We can also create product samples and small lots using our five CAD/CAM systems and specialized machinery.

Specialized factory of over 26,400 sqm

Processing companies often have offices and factories in separate locations.
Yamakoh is capable of handling everything from sales to manufacturing on-site at our factory, which is Japan's largest dedicated corrugated plastic facility and is divided into three blocks. Our integrated system lets us handle everything from small to large lots in a prompt fashion.

Extensive know-how combined with a proven sales record

Yamkoh has been processing and selling corrugated cardboard since 1974. We have over 35 years' experience in packaging materials. Since 1995, we have accumulated more than 15 years' experience and know-how in corrugated plastic. We have dealt with over 10,000 customers and currently welcome around 1,000 new clients a year, mainly through the Internet.

Providing you with the peace-of-mind that comes from buying direct from the manufacturer

At Yamakoh, we like to think that corrugated plastic products are more than just durable consumables—they are also assets. Corrugated plastic is durable enough to withstand repeated use, but eventually attachments require replacement. When you purchase a Yamakoh product, you buy direct from the manufacturer, so you can benefit from our comprehensive after-sales support. We are happy to accept additional orders and also offer repair services for our products.

Promoting corrugated plastic nationwide

Yamakoh can provide you with the advantages that made-to-order packaging offers in terms of distribution.
We can combine a variety of made-to-order reusable shipping cartons (returnable boxes) with a variety of materials, to provide optimal distribution solutions.
We receive over 5,000 inquiries a year, and offer a diverse lineup of multi-functional products for a variety of industries, with high added-value in everything from small to large lots.

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